Huntington Billboard Company has
billboards all across Ohio, Indiana,
Pennsylvania, and Kentucky and
we're adding new locations
throughout the midwest.

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Our Story

They say that every company has a story that defines it, a touchstone that the founder and company look back on and say, “That’s who we are, that’s our story.” The Huntington Billboard Co. is no exception. As such, the company mirrors the values and character of its founder and the small Midwestern town he and his team seeks to serve. Values like patience, ingenuity, and service.

What People are Saying

Huntington has a solid inventory of highly visible and reasonably priced billboards throughout our area. Their response time and service is second to none and they make it easy for us to share our brand with the world.

One of our new employees mentioned his Grandpa saw your billboard and sent a text to him to apply for the job. He came in for an interview and showed us the text of the photo with the billboard. We hired this applicant. So the billboard brought in candidates for us!

We noticed a difference the first day after our billboard went up. We had to dip 300 caramel apples that day, and it’s been a great year!

The sign on SR-13 in Middlebury is great! We have had a 25 % increase in traffic to our website, which has led to hiring new drivers.

We put our billboard up a few months before our large, end of year Equipment Showcase Auction, and had our largest ES auction ever- by far!

We purchased several Huntington billboards on Interstate 65 in September and October 2020. Although it has been our offseason and winter tourism has been slowed because of the pandemic and bad weather, we still saw a 20% increase in our visitation over the previous year from September to February. I have been in the tourism business for 30 years and this is one of the few advertising campaigns I have conducted during that time period where I saw immediate results!

Huntington Billboards has been a great company to work with – very responsive and courteous. Our company’s goal was to have awesome brand-recognition in our area and we’ve achieved that, thanks to Huntington. Not only do I love driving by our billboards, but so do our guests and cabin owners!

We had a customer buy a Grasshopper from us because he was filling up at a gas station and saw our billboard. Pretty cool!