Huntington Billboard Company has
billboards all across Ohio, Indiana,
Pennsylvania, and Kentucky and
we're adding new locations
throughout the midwest.



Our Story

They say that every company has a story that defines it, a touchstone that the founder and company look back on and say, “That’s who we are, that’s our story.” The Huntington Billboard Co. is no exception. As such, the company mirrors the values and character of its founder and the small Midwestern town he and his team seeks to serve. Values like patience, ingenuity, and service.

Finding the perfect home for a family is my passion and Huntington Billboards allowed me to focus on serving my clients.

With a number of outdoor advertisers in the area, we chose Huntington because of their outstanding customer service, commitment to quality, and optimum locations.

I would strongly suggest advertising on billboards! They provide so much public awareness and branding.

People tell me they see my Huntington Billboards all the time and send me photos of it. Reasonable cost and easy to deal with. Love you guys!

Having our sign up for the holiday weekend really helped drive folks on the interstate to our location. The best weekend so far this year, thanks in no small part to the critical signage along the interstate. Great work Huntington Billboards!

Shoutout to Huntington Billboards for working with me on this, keeping me shining at night and absolutely killing it.

I think they [billboards] were a huge help this past year and played a big part in making it my biggest year ever!

Huntington has a solid inventory of highly visible and reasonably priced billboards throughout our area. Their response time and service is second to none and they make it easy for us to share our brand with the world.

One of our new employees mentioned his Grandpa saw your billboard and sent a text to him to apply for the job. He came in for an interview and showed us the text of the photo with the billboard. We hired this applicant. So the billboard brought in candidates for us!