Marketing Agency

Welcome! At Huntington Billboards we work hard to offer our clients the best experience when it comes to outdoor advertising and this is no exception when it comes to Marketing Agencies.

We understand the benefits and sometimes unique challenges that come with marketing across various markets. Many of our clients advertise on multiple locations across several markets. We’ve created this page as a one stop shop for our marketing agency clients to access all of the information they need: Links to our Market Guide, Design Specs, current locations, new locations and more. Feel free to contact us with any questions you don’t find answered here.

Huntington Outdoor: Effective. Efficient. Straight Forward.

Finding the perfect home for a family is my passion and Huntington Billboards allowed me to focus on serving my clients.

With a number of outdoor advertisers in the area, we chose Huntington because of their outstanding customer service, commitment to quality, and optimum locations.

I would strongly suggest advertising on billboards! They provide so much public awareness and branding.

People tell me they see my Huntington Billboards all the time and send me photos of it. Reasonable cost and easy to deal with. Love you guys!


Below are links to various resources that give greater detail to each of our locations as well as design instructions for designing your clients designs.


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