Is spring really coming?

Okay. I realize that I’m about to talk about spring advertising, but you’re cold. You’re so chilly that you’re probably worried about frostbite as you run from your office to your car. I also realize (100%) that you can’t even imagine it being warm again, because at this point do we even remember what warmth feels like? But I promise, spring is just around the corner!

Every year I have this problem called “January Blues.” January Blues hits after the whirlwind of events from Thanksgiving to New Years, after you’ve gone to visit family multiple times, attended multiple fundraiser and other charity events, thrown your own cheery holiday parties, and last, but not least, eaten your fair share of multiple holiday meatballs.

And then January, oh goodness, the month of January hits like a freight train without brakes. You’re tired of the sunless days and are ready for spring to come, but instead you are faced with the harsh reality that “winter” is still very much upon you, and is no where close to being done.

At this point you have two options;

Option 1: Become a hermit. If you don’t like the term “hermit”, you can call yourself a black bear. Hunker down for the winter and proceed as follows: Eat, Sleep, Repeat. Once you see a glimpse of sunshine and weather that is somewhat to your liking, jump back into the real world!

Option 2: Plan, plan, plan. It’s cold, it’s nasty, and business is slow due to snowy weather. But you can plan! Finish your taxes so you’re not stressing about them during the beautiful spring weather. Play around with some new marketing and get it implemented for the coming year. Take time to tell your employees what you appreciate about the good work they do. Get everything in order for the spring season!

Whether you choose the first or second option, remember that you have to deal with winter one way or another, so why not make it productive!  We would love to help you design a great advertising campaign for those slowly but surely coming spring months.

And in the meantime, stay warm and think spring!

Jena Powell