Welcome to Xenia

Baseball, apple pie, & the heart of it all

You walk into a cute town and it’s a picturesque scene. I’m sure you have heard about Ohio being, “the heart of it all” but you’ve always wondered what that actually means! It’s a thriving town nestled just East of Dayton, West of Columbus, and South of Springfield.

Let me introduce you to Xenia, Ohio

Xenia, named by Rev. Robert Armstrong after the Greek word for hospitality, attracted its first permanent settlers in the late 1790s. Home to 25,719 friendly residents, 13 beautiful parks, miles of bike paths, and a thriving economy. You walk into town and instantly feel at home, the residents of Xenia live up to the Greek meaning and choose to make you feel so welcome.

Big News

We have always enjoyed seeing Xenia grow, but now we get to be part of the thriving economy! Concrete is being poured, poles are being set, and billboards are going up. All of us at Huntington Outdoor are thrilled to work with the numerous top businesses in town, partnering with you to make premiere billboard advertising a possibility.


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We are excited to continue forging relationships with so many of you in Xenia. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your town.


Jena Powell

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