Is Summer Really Over?

Wow, summer is coming to an end and we have had a full season of land leasing, sales, marketing, and building new billboards! We have had the opportunity to build new boards in Troy, Xenia, and New Weston.

In the month of August, we also expanded to two new counties: Mercer and Shelby counties. Construction is being finished as this is written and we are thrilled to enter into new territory. Expanding a business many times is a balancing act, and we are working hard to keep on task with our current locations as well as our new ones. Let me give you a look into the world of finding, building, and selling a new billboard:

Step One: Land leasing is where it all begins and that is where Justin’s expertise shines through. Justin is in charge of finding new locations (think lots and lots of time in front of zoning maps), talking to land owners once he has spotted a good location, obtaining zoning permits (county and state), and getting things ready for building!

Step Two: It’s time to build! Chase is our head contractor at Huntington and makes sure everything is ready to roll on time. Coordination is key for his job and crucial on the success and speediness of building a new board. He works with everyone from fabricators to electricians to ensure a high quality billboard when the job is completed!

Step Three: The billboard is built and we are ready for advertisers! Typically, our head designer Chris and I work together to get “Rent Me” vinyls up quickly. Because what sells a billboard better than the billboard itself?

This summer we worked on making your experience with Huntington smoother. We redesigned information sheets, created an automatic hassle free pay system (you can now pay by credit card), and will be rolling out a new website Fall 2016. We are here to make the advertising and marketing process easier and more efficient for you and your business. Please let me know if I can help you in any way.

Jena Powell


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