Get noticed, without being annoying and bothersome.

After you drive by a billboard, do you continue to think about it? If yes, the billboard was effective! How do you make an effective and attention-grabbing billboard without being annoying and bothersome? Great question! Here are some points to keep in mind:

  1. Simple is best! Keeping the billboard’s message short and to the point allows the reader to take in the information without being overwhelmed. This will lead the reader to ponder on the company’s information.
  2. Viewing time! Keep in mind that your audience is most likely not going slow past your billboard. The billboards message should be readable for a driver to understand the message.
  3. Large texts and fonts! Let them see your billboard a mile away. Your goal is for your reader to see the billboard far away. Keep the message bold and the text size bolder.
  4. Avoid boring colors! Your readers are not going to want to read a non-colorful billboard. They’re already going on their daily drive to work, listening to the same station or CD. Grab the attention of your readers with contrasting colors.
  5. No busy background! Never ever use a busy background. Your readers won’t be able to focus on the text at all. Don’t have the background interfere with your image, message, or logo.