Summer Billboard Challenge

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Breakout from the Norm

Summer Billboard Challenge

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”

Ahh summer, oh how we’ve missed you. The cold days of winter are behind us and the summer high is before us. Bring on the sunny days by the pool (or beach!), camping, bonfires, vacations, and everything the great outdoors has to offer us! With all this summer fun, why not challenge yourself with something new? Commit yourself to one new challenge, or as many as you’d like.

We get it, challenges are scary, exhausting, and sometimes awkward. We could share stories of our own for days, but we won’t. With challenge comes progress! Here are a few tips to help you break out of your comfort zone:

  • Be social.

And by this, we mean in person, not on your phone. We know it is scary, but as commonly said, it only takes a few seconds of courage. Walk up with confidence and a smile.

  • Questions are key.

Being social is actually not about yourself, it is about the other person. You’d be surprised how quick the conversation can flow when you ask people questions about themselves.

  • The people around you.

Surround yourself with people that aren’t afraid to ask the tough questions and correct you when necessary. This is quite humbling and provides a new perspective.

  • Dive right it.

This is probably the most terrifying part of it all, however there is no better way to learn! Be a sponge and take things in as you go.

In life, we give ourselves so many excuses. If we truly want to grow, as a person or a business, we must be willing to innovate, change, take a chance, and give it all we’ve got!



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