Business Owners: Tradition

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The Values that Made Us

Business Owners TraditionLast week we told you about making a change. Change equals growth, and this is true. However, this week we are talking about what to keep!

Tradition. The word can get a bad reputation sometimes, but here at Huntington we love it.  Tradition is the “good stuff” that has stood the test of time, tried and true.

Tradition can take a lot of forms. Perhaps, you own a family business that has been passed down for generations. Maybe you work for a larger company, but still hold true to the values and ideas of the people that started it. It may even be possible that you’re starting a new business and you intend to operate it with the ideals you have been taught and have learned to cherish.

As employees and business owners, we all have those things that have proven to be the best. Huntington Outdoor is proud to serve businesses that have carried throughout generations and other businesses starting all the way back to the early 1900’s.

Here at Huntington, we have a few traditions of our own. One of the most important being that we come from a family of farmers. Farming has been in the family for generations. It taught us, as a family, how to come together for one common goal. Farming has also taught us hard work, reward, and how to make ends meet when seasons of life were hard. Moreover, we come from a rural area where much of the community enjoys and values farming. You may hear us talk about Huntington as a newer, booming business, which is true. But, we understand tradition quite well.