Our Favorite Business Apps

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From Our Smartphone to Yours

Last week we shared with you about everything Google has to offer to small business owners. Google offers organizational services for internal logistics. This week, we are sharing what we use to communicate with our entire team like the serious professionals we claim to be (insert sarcasm).

When it comes to communication, it is truly necessary to have a smartphone. Opportunities are opened exponentially with smartphones. This allows us to use apps that help us communicate instantly no matter where we are or what we’re doing.

voxerOur favorite way to communicate at Huntington is through Voxer. Voxer offers a free way to text and walkie within a group of people. We have a chat for everyone working at Huntington. That way if we need to update the whole team of something we can quickly and efficiently. If the message is too long to text, just click the big orange button at the bottom and talk away! This is much quicker and easier than having to email everyone in a group thread.

Voxer also offers location services to let other know of your geographic location. If you would rather send something to one other person, Voxer is great for direct chats as well.

Next is Whatsapp. Whatsapp is an easy and free app for those wanting to video chat between an Android and iPhone. All you need is wifi and you’re set to live chat with one another!

trelloLastly, we’re adding on an additional internal organizational service we like to use. Trello is an app for both iPhone and Android. Trello uses boards to organize thoughts, topics, ideas, files and so much more. For each board, one can control how many people can view the board and tag other people to see comments quicker. It is a great way for teams to collaborate on projects, track history, and link to other services to have everything in one place!

We truly love Trello from an organization standpoint to see the big picture, then dive in to view the details. It is all in one place so you won’t forget. Even better, everything done in Trello is dated. Want a deadline for a project? That can be done as well.

Alright, we’ve shared what mobile apps make life easier for this B2B company. Now, it’s your turn! Has your company found an app that helps your team collaborate internally or with your clients? Let us know in the comments or shoot us an email: office@huntingtonoutdoor.com . We’d love to hear how your company has benefitted!