Our family business serving your family business

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Growing up Justin and I were in 4-H, we learned a great amount of life principles, but one key principle will always stick with me. At the beginning of each meeting we stood up and said the Pledge of allegiance and the 4-H pledge/motto. Part of the 4-H pledge continually comes to mind in my daily life and it states, “to make the best better.”

When you grow up hearing that it becomes part of your life. Here at Huntington Outdoor we strive to “make the best better” in everything we do. Whether we are building new billboards, discovering the best locations for your city, or innovating ways to make advertising more effective, we are here to meet your needs. Over the last year, we have received feedback on the sales sheets we have for each billboard. They worked well when we had fewer locations. However, as we are growing and working with businesses that range from a one-person company to a marketing agency, we realized they were confusing. After discussing this with our clients, we decided to give our entire website and sales sheets a complete overhaul! Welcome to the new Huntington Outdoor website!

The new website gives easy access to location maps, the map has street view photos of each billboard, traffic count, size of billboard, and filtering by county. This map is user friendly and has all the essential information you will need.

One of my favorite tabs on the website is “how to advertise” the pull-down tab is a funnel for two different kinds of clients; small business and marketing agency. We strive to give each person the information they need specifically to help them make a knowledgeable decision. In that same pull down tab we also have a design tip page, this page is full of photos, tips, and information as we strive to teach the business owner what makes a great billboard design.

Sometimes it’s easy to think that owning a business can be confusing and complicated, but in the end it’s a simple concept; to make the best better. Here at Huntington Outdoor we listened to our clients to create an effective, efficient and straight forward way of doing business.

Our family business serving your family business.