Year In Review

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Twenty-sixteen has been a great year full of building, learning, and serving great local businesses! Here at Huntington Outdoor we have had the amazing opportunity of working with so many of you. We have been able to come alongside you and help with outdoor advertising. When I think about an entire year being over, and a new one about to start, it has me thinking about everything I learned in 2016. I enjoyed sitting down with many of you, hearing your passion for small business, problem solving, and helping your community thrive through business.

I am absolutely honored that you trust the Huntington Outdoor team with your outdoor advertising needs. We work hard to keep that trust, day in and day out, giving you top of the line billboard advertising and marketing support. Over the last year, one of the main concerns a business will have about advertising is they are unsure what design to use. I completely understand that fear, because in a small town, everyone will see the billboard! But don’t worry, we are here to help. I will sit down with you and discuss your goals for advertising, sketch out a design, and have a Huntington designer create images.

Below you will see images that highlight the top design tips to keep in mind! Although this information is crafted specifically for billboards, it’s great information to keep in mind for any marketing. As you are closing out 2016 and thinking toward the 2017 marketing budget I would love to sit down and chat with you about billboard locations and design! Sincerely,

Jena Powell

Huntington Outdoor