Define Your Business


Remember junior high? Everything was awkward, embarrassing, and no one knew what to do. Businesses that do not recognize their spot in the market, will experience this same kind of awkward.. Just like life, businesses need to recognize who they are and why this matters. Businesses must find their unique place in the marketplace to differentiate and stand out (in a good way, not in a bad way like back in junior high).

Here are some key questions a business should ask itself to define its own image in the marketplace:

1.    What do we do best?

2.    Why do our customers value us?

3.    How are we different from our competition?

Once a business has defined its marketplace, then the defined image of the business needs to be shared with current and potential customers. That defined image makes telling your story easier because you know who you are and what your defined role in the market is. In short, when a business knows its own market, niche, storytelling and goal setting for your marketing becomes simple and effective.