Driver’s Daily Routine!

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Placing your ad on a billboard will get you one step closer to reaching your target audience and growing your business! Drivers and their occupants are normally going the same route every single day which allows your billboard to be seen multiple times. Since this means that they will see your billboard regularly, it is more likely going to stick in their minds. If you have an effective billboard design, drivers and their occupants are going to see it, whether they like the ad or not.

Statistic #2: About 38% of all trips were personal vehicle trips with a single occupant (driver only) while 49% of all trips were personal vehicle trips with more than one occupant!

So what do billboard viewers think?

“Billboards are an amazing way to get a business name out into a community. They are always putting the business owner in front of the customers whenever they head out for their daily routine.” – Katy M.

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