Have you ever seen a billboard and thought to yourself, “I was just thinking about that!”?

Statistic #4: Adults between the ages of 25 and 54 drive the most (64 min and 35 miles a day).

If a billboard is strong and effective, it will compel the audience to take a look and possibly lead to a sale! With such a wide variety of viewers, billboards enable a company to either target specific audiences or send a message to a broader audience. Depending on the billboard’s design, message, and location, the company is able to reach different age groups, such as 33 year old adults! Billboards continue to be a unique advertising opportunity and can generate new income for a business.

“I think it’s cool when you see a billboard and the advertised product or service is something you’ve been thinking about. It then proves a direct line to make the move on buying it.” – Alex D.

When a company invests in a billboard, they are creating opportunities for prospective customers to see what their business has to offer!

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