“Deliver a clear and simple message that will leave a great impression.”


Businesses need to show their story through images in text. That is where a billboard comes in! Businesses want people to be curious about their service or product. This means that the design of the billboard can’t be too much or too little. What do I mean by too much or too little?

“Deliver a clear and simple message that will leave a great impression.”

– Use a dynamic image to keep the business top of mind. A large, effective image will help retain the message better than words alone.

– Keep the text short and simple. Driver’s will not have time to view your billboard longer than 10 seconds. This only allows a short time to be able to get your message across. Having too many words or not enough words will either make the reader overwhelmed or uneducated about the business.

– Take advantage of your location. Consider the environment around the location. Is it in the city? Or is it in the country? Who will be driving these roads? Applying the surroundings of the billboards location to the design of the billboard will make the billboard more effective.

Be unique. No driver is going to look more than 2 seconds at a boring, dull billboard. Make the design of the billboard reflect the business’s goal. Put the most important information of the business on the billboard. It is great to be creative but not to the point where the driver isn’t able to figure out what business it’s for.