Local Family Owned Business Recognized for Excellent Website

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Local Family Owned Business Recognized for Excellent Website


– February 8th, 2018


Family owned and operated billboard advertising company, Huntington Outdoor is proud to announce being ranked in the top three of all billboard company websites in America by Billboard Insider, an online publication that provides daily news and analysis on the outdoor advertising business. Huntington Outdoor tied for first place, a perfect 20 out of 20, with Boardworks and Lamar Outdoor in Billboard insiders 2018 Out of Home Website Rankings.


    “[Billboard] Insider reviewed 434 out of home advertising websites

    using a 20 point ranking system to measure how well an out

    of home advertising company website meets the needs of

    clients and potential advertisers.” – Billboard Insider


Huntington always strives to serve their community and clients to the best of their ability. Part of their excellent service is having a user-friendly website. Also as a service to their community and their clients, Huntington’s website contains free billboard design tips and marketing advice. Community means a lot to Huntington, so much so they support local fairs and provide advertising for local nonprofits and ministries.


VP of Sales and Marketing at Huntington Outdoor, Jena Powell, was thrilled to be recognized by the top publication in the billboard industry. “The opportunity to serve our community and serve them well is always our first objective, I could not be more proud of all the hard work our team at Huntington has put in in order to have our website ranked in the top three of all billboard companies in America! Most people in my generation leave the small communities they were raised in for bigger cities and what they consider “bigger dreams. I believe that in the very heart of every business owner there is a dream, it is our job here at Huntington to take those dreams and make them a reality. Helping others achieve their dreams is our dream and we thrive and feel the most value out of our work when our local business owners dreams come true.”


In the 2017 Out of Home Website Rankings by Billboard Insider, Huntington Outdoor earned a score of 18/20. In the time since, extensive work was done on the website to include more details about each of their locations including the addition of video, photos, and demographics.