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Conveying Billboard Brands

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” -Paul Rand

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In last week’s article we talked about the message of a billboard. The message is meant to point back to the product or service being advertised. This all is a part of conveying your brand to your audience. Some businesses come to us with a complete brand and design. They’ve done this before and know exactly what they want. But, many have never used billboards before, aren’t sure what they’re doing, and  haven’t spent much time advertising their brand. We’re here to help!

We’ve narrowed down to two key aspects to consider when branding your business and putting it on your billboard:

Define what your company is about, and we’re not just talking about your products or services. Why did you start your company, and why do you love it?  Why should others love your company too? What makes you stand out, yet still fit within the market? Defining your brand can help you know if you want your approach to advertising to be more serious or light-hearted. This is the tone of your brand.

Understanding the tone can lead to deciding colors. You may have colors for your logo already, but that doesn’t always mean your billboard will be the same. You need colors that complement and contrast. An example of this would be green, yellow, and blue. Yellow and blue are colors that complement each other because they are opposites on the color wheel (depending on the color wheel you’re using). Green matches well with both blue and yellow to tie it all together. It is recommended that any three colors next to each other on the color wheel make a good color scheme.

As we mentioned in the last article, we have very experienced people who can help you design your perfect billboard. However, being educated doesn’t hurt, right? We want you to feel as confident as possible about your billboard and it’s design. For more information on design and color, head over to our design tips page.

Join us next week as we share Business to Business statistics to show how Huntington Outdoor is reaching their market.