Showing off your Team

Let’s do a little recap. Three weeks ago, we started a series on business websites. The first article was about the importance a website has for any business and keeping it updated. You can review it here. The following week we interrupted the series to thank our hometown heroes. Last week we introduced to you our products page; billboard locations. We also discussed what a products page would look like for other types of businesses and shared some shocking statistics about products pages. You can review that article here.

Next on the list for business website content creation is showing off you team. Without them there wouldn’t be a business, so let your customers know who they are. Informing customers and clients about your business’s staff helps put a face to the name which also adds value to the business. People want to know they’re talking with real people who care about the business and have experience.

Team Bios Page

Here is an example:

Business Website Team

As you can see for Jena, we included her name, title, photo, and contact information (only if applicable). We’ve also added a short bio including any previous experience or education, what she enjoys in her free time, and a brief video. Pro-tip: keep colors as light as possible. Make the page background white, try to have the team wear light colors, and try to keep their backdrop as light as possible. Knowing your brand staying true to that has been the most iconic part of our team bios. Out team personalities make sense together and our colors flow. We’re also from a rural area so we’ve kept things more simple and less on the trendy side.

Huntington Outdoor takes great pride in our team. We are full of many different personalities and skill-sets, and we thrive from it! We make up a big family that support each other in our efforts, and compliment each other in our downfalls.