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Hiring Campaigns

The Ohio unemployment rate has been increasingly low since the end of the recession in January 2010. More and more jobs are being created and now some businesses and companies are having a hard time filling all these positions! For a time, many in the U.S. thought they would never hear those words again.

According to, there are approximately 145,129 total jobs available in Ohio and over 75,000 jobs with a salary of $50,00 or more (last update July  22, 2018).

There are so many people hiring and what better way to let people know you are hiring than with a billboard? Two of the top hiring industries based on our own advertising clients are trucking and manufacturing. These are two markets that are in a great need of employees! We having so many clients with hiring campaigns that we decided to list them all on our website for everyone to see. We’ve also included a link to each of their websites for any of you who may be looking for a job.

Company Industry
Hometown Opportunity Hiring
Staffmark- Sidney, Ohio Hiring
Staffmark- Bryan, Ohio Hiring
Bob Evans Trucking
Bryan Systems Trucking
Cheeseman Enterprise Trucking
Crosby Trucking Trucking
Meyers Bros. Trucking Trucking
Parsons Trucking Trucking
Smith Consulting Inc. Trucking
Francise Manufacturing Company Manufacturing
Novolex Manufacturing
Stanley Engineered Fastening Manufacturing
Norcold Manufacturing
Cobalt Civil Construction/Utility
St. Marys Foundry Manufacturing
Crane Pump and Systems Manufacturing
DSC Logistics Operations

“It’s interesting, this company was started during the recession in 2010. Things were tough and the mood of the communities we were growing in were dark. Businesses didn’t want to advertise, people didn’t want to buy anything, nobody was growing. Things were just so painful, but it’s different now. Since the beginning of this year, I have put an average of 8,000 miles a month on my car. I’ve been able to really dig into all the different communities we are serving and are planning on serving. I can tell you people are excited. They’re growing and building and creating.” -Justin Powell, Huntington Outdoor CEO

Things are changing, and we like where it’s heading.