Netflix Buys Billboards… and you should too?

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Hollywood and Ohio. Can we possibly have something in common?


Earlier this summer, Netflix, the TV and movie streaming mogul, bought multiple billboards along Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, California. $150 million worth of billboards!

Though, any company would love a contract that size, it’s just not what we do. Though, many companies would love to be big enough to have billboards worth that much, it’s our guess, that’s just not what you do either.

What do all of us have in common? A desire for companies to reach awareness to more people. There’s a lot we can learn from this deal. Regency Outdoor Advertising, the L.A. based billboard company whom Netflix used, knew their market. These set of billboards are placed along a mile-and-a-half strip located on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. Hollywood is a place where style and media is always changing and evolving. Netflix is at the height of these changes in style and media. They’re at the top of their industry, so naturally, they choose spots where other innovative minds of the like tend to congregate.

What does this mean for us?

We know our market as well. We are located in local communities all across the Ohio midwest. Huntington attracts other local businesses who’d like to make their company better known to the community and surrounding communities. Our advertisements are always family friendly because we know it’s what our clients and viewers value.

We see Netflix doing big business and are not intimidated one bit, why? Because, we know the glitz and glamor of Hollywood isn’t for everyone. We attract the hard working Midwest, and we don’t plan on changing any time soon.