Summer is in Full Swing!

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Summer is in full swing here in Ohio, the rain has stopped, and the summer heat has come! This past year we have built new billboard locations all across Ohio; from Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus and everywhere in between!

With the expansion of new boards we also have some new, top-of-the-line team members. You can check them out on the team member portion of our website here.


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What’s my return on billboard advertising? Great question! Out of Home advertising experts did some research over the years to show the rate of Effectiveness of Out of Home Advertising

The key performance indicators were:
Ad Recall. Whether a consumer remembered seeing an ad for a brand.
Purchase Consideration. A consumer’s interest in a brand.
Purchase Intent. A consumer’s interest in purchasing a brand.
Store Visits. A consumer visiting a store to purchase a brand.

We know summer is a busy season for you and we are committed to serving you! If you want a new location, new vinyl design, or just to chat about marketing please call or email us at anytime.

The Huntington Outdoor Team