Darke County – Restaurant BINGO

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We need to make sure all our restaurants make it! All of these restaurants are open and ready to serve you and your family. As an incentive we’re giving away $10 gift card to those who get BINGO and share pictures of their meals on FB!

– Help Promote Local Businesses
– Eat Amazing Food
– Get Rewarded

We’re going to get through this. We’re going to circle the wagons to protect and care for our own. On the other side when things are rolling again we’ll be able to look back proudly knowing that when hard times came it wasn’t ultimately the state, local, or federal government that saved us. It was families, neighbors, and communities coming together and caring for each other that turned the tide.

Thanks to Marina Mehaffie for all of her hard work on this project! As well as Eric Fee, Tracy Fout, and James Leichty for helping sponsor.