End-Of-Year Campaigns

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End-Of-Year Campaigns

This year is quickly coming to a close and as business owners, I’m sure you are reflecting on 2020 and looking ahead to 2021. Over the years we have worked with hundreds of businesses, both small and large, and during that time we’ve helped them to maximize their end-of-year marketing dollars.

Below are some suggestions for end-of-year planning:

  • Make a Plan: Even with COVID this year, people are traveling more and they are noticing billboards more. With the holiday season upon us, it’s a great time to review your campaign. Is your message still relevant? What needs to change for the new year?

  • Co-op: Review your co-op plans and see if you have co-op dollars that needs to be spent before the end of the year. Most co-op plans have “use it or lose it” co-op marketing plans. It seems obvious, but it’s amazing how much co-op dollars are lost each year.

  • Get Creative: Use your creativity to maximize your end-of-year marketing plan. Think outside of the box. There are a lot of ways to get innovative, but sometimes people need help because this isn’t their realm. If this is you, let us know. We are the experts and people come to us all the time asking how to get the most out of their advertising dollars.

Contact us today and we will help you maximize your end of year marketing dollars!