Spending – Spending – Spending

The holidays can be expensive. There are lots of family members and friends to buy gifts for, these presents start to add up. We want to let you in on a little secret, gifts from the heart are more appreciated then expensive presents. Think back to all the presents you have ever received, what gift was your favorite? I can almost guarantee that you are not thinking of that really nice phone or piece of jewelry someone bought you, you are probably thinking of the gift your best friend or mom made you. The gifts from the heart show people you love them, that you are willing to spend your precious time, thinking and creating the perfect gift for them. While costly gifts are fun to receive and give, the gifts from the heart are the most memorable. Here at Huntington, we try to give our clients the gift of value, quality, and memorability. We value you as clients and try to serve you to the best of our ability. We rest easy at night knowing we give all our clients the best gift, the gift of our time and a gift from our heart. Being involved in our communities and giving back to them is also a large part of how we give gifts from the heart. This holiday season please remember to give a heartfelt gift. Do not just live, thrive!

“Don’t Just

Don’t just learn, experience.
Don’t just read, absorb.
Don’t just change, transform.
Don’t just relate, advocate.
Don’t just promise, prove.
Don’t just criticize, encourage.
Don’t just think, ponder.
Don’t just take, give.
Don’t just see, feel.
Don’t just dream, do.
Don’t just hear, listen.
Don’t just talk, act.
Don’t just tell, show.
Don’t just exist, live.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart