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When you think of billboards you may only expect the advertiser to want something from you. They may want you to join their company, buy their products, or eat at their restaurant. On occasion, those who advertise don’t want anything from you. Rather, they want to help those in need. At Huntington Outdoor, we work with a number of nonprofit organizations who are serving the specific needs of others.

One of the nonprofit organizations that Huntington Outdoor works with is the Miami Valley Women’s Center, “a Pregnancy Resource Center that serves women, men, and their families with life-affirming information and pregnancy-related care.” They help men and women approach unplanned pregnancies by educating in a life-honoring way. In their most recent study in 2015, they supported roughly 10,000 clients in the Miami Valley.

Huntington Outdoor also advertises for Quaker Heights Care Community, a not-for-profit facility serving those needing nursing and assisted living care. Quaker Heights is focused on “finding the right services for individuals in the right setting, and to reinvesting resources into services for their residents.” They strive to live by values of integrity, equality, harmony, simplicity, and respect. Not only is a facility like this helping elderly in need, but they are putting the resident’s families at ease. One resident’s daughter states, “the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders”.

Another Organization, the Xenia Area Chamber of Commerce, is yet another organization advertising with Huntington Outdoor. “The mission of the Xenia Area Chamber of Commerce is to provide services and programs that support our member’s successes, promote economic vitality, and advocate local business interests.” When a business invests in the Xenia Area Chamber of Commerce, they are investing in growing the community as a whole. The board of directors includes people dedicated to many areas of service including areas of education; Xenia City Schools, health; Greene Memorial Hospital, and Military service; Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. This provides a well-rounded board dedicated to serving the community.

As you know by now, Huntington Outdoor supports community involvement. Advertising for nonprofit organizations in the local communities throughout Southwest Ohio is just one of the many ways we show our support. Huntington Outdoor is not just about serving individual businesses but serving individual businesses devoted to assisting the community.

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