Your Billboard is Getting More Attention

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                                                                     Your Billboard is Getting More Attention

Ever wonder how many people are seeing your billboard? According to Arbitron’s National In-
Car Study, people spent an increase of 31% of their time on the road from 2003 to 2009. People
are spending more time driving. That means people are seeing more of your billboard.

Some quick facts for you:

  •  “Roughly two-thirds of travelers have seen a billboard advertisement in the past month”
    –Arbitron Out-of- Home 2013 Study
  • Between all people of driving age, drivers spend 46 minutes per day on the road. –AAA
    2013-2014 Study
  • “The average traveler aged 18 or older spends 18 hours and 31 minutes in his or her car
    per week.” –Arbitron Nation In-Car 2009 Study
  • People between the ages of 18 and 54 drive the most. –Arbitron Nation In-Car 2009

Out of all these people on the road, 58% of them said they learned about an event they were
interested in from billboards, 50% of viewers learned about a store they later visited, and 58%
also learned about a restaurant they later visited. Furthermore, 24% of drivers noticed a billboard
advertising a sale or special offer that motivated them to visit a certain store/business later that
day, and 32% were motivated to visit a certain store/business later that week. That’s 56% of
people being prompted to visit a store after seeing a billboard.

Justin Powell, CEO of Huntington Outdoor says there are two major aspects he focuses on when
adding a billboard location. First, he never chooses a location with less than 5,000 traffic count
per day. Second, is that he looks for “CISD” locations. You want your location at either a Curve
or Intersection, an area with Slow traffic, or a Demand for a certain location from the advertiser.
The very person choosing your billboard location takes all these (and more) factors into account
to ensure you get the most out of your billboard, or rather, viewers get the most out of your

Not only are more people on the road, but more people are seeing your billboard, and more
people around the nation are responding to what they see advertised. It is an important time for
outdoor advertising; it is an ever-growing industry. Once buying your billboard, it works around
the clock, twenty-four hours, seven days a week, to reach others with the information of your
business. Trust the people in charge of placing your billboard, trust that people are seeing your
billboard, and trust that they are liking what they see.