Outdoor Advertising Can Work For You! 

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The word ‘advertising’ is enough to make most business owners groan. How often do you wish you could simply focus on your product and your customers rather than ‘putting yourself out there’?
Maybe you are just starting out on a new business venture, or maybe you have been in business for a lifetime. No matter how long you have been providing a service or product in your community the question always remains, what is the best way to get the word out about my business? At Huntington Outdoor we understand this question can be a tricky one and when it comes to outdoor advertising you may have some hesitations.
You may feel too busy with your current workload to add the task of planning an advertisement. Websites require constant maintenance, flyers require you to continually plan and send out, and social media takes an incredible amount of time and strategy. At Huntington Outdoor, we take care of all installation, upkeep, and design for our clients.  We are a team ready to help work through every step of the process with and for you.
You might have tried a billboard before and were not satisfied with the outcome. Huntington recognizes that there are ineffective outdoor advertisements. However, the two most important things to consider when planning an outdoor advertisement are location and design. At Huntington, we never choose a location with less than 5,000 cars traffic count per day and we always plan the location at either a curve or intersection, an area with slow traffic, or a demand for a certain location from the advertiser. Our design team works with you to create the perfect ad that both tells your story and is a great design for billboard advertising.
Finally, you may be considering online advertising instead because it appears to be less expensive and trackable. However, outdoor advertising has been rated higher than any other type of advertising for their ability to communicate ideas at the lowest possible price. Another matter to keep in mind is how you like to be marketed to. Have you ever been annoyed by an online ad that’s a little ‘too’ in your face? Fortunately, billboards do not interrupt consumers in any way and still reach people faster than any other kind of media.
Spring is just around the corner! With the warmer weather and longer days, more people are out driving, which means even more people are seeing outdoor advertisements then before. Here at Huntington, we would love to partner with you this spring. Give us a call at (800) 704-5973 or shoot us an email (info@huntingtonoutdoor.com) for more details.