What if…?

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“It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood,
A beautiful day for a neighbor,
Would you be mine? Could you be mine?

It’s a neighborly day in this beautywood,
A neighborly day for a beauty,
Would you be mine? Could you be mine?

I have always wanted to have a neighbor just like you,
I’ve always wanted to live in a neighborhood with you.

So let’s make the most of this beautiful day,
Since we’re together, we might as well say,
Would you be mine? Could you be mine?
Won’t you be my neighbor?

Won’t you please, won’t you please,
Please won’t you be my neighbor?”
-Mister Fred Rogers

Imagine with us for a minute. What if everyone was kind and caring? What if kindness was not a rarity but a normality shown by people to others, just because of kindness sake.

Can you imagine how wonderful it would be to live in a world where everyone was kind?

In a world of competition, jadedness, and anger, kindness seems like a thing of the past. It doesn’t have to be though.
Here at Huntington, we have billboards all over Ohio and parts of Indiana. We literally interact with hundreds of businesses and you know what we have found? Kindness. Kindness is everywhere and we have been blown away by the kindness shown to us by people who do not even know us. Before you become too depressed at the state of humanity and how terrible people are, we challenge you to remember all the wonderful people you know who are kind. The people who would drop everything at a moment’s notice and take you to doctor when your car breaks down, or the people who are always there when you need someone to tell about how bad your day was.

Remember to show kindness and be the change you wish to see.