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Welcome back to our New Client Feature. Each week, we will be featuring a new client that has partnered with us to get their very own billboard! This week we are featuring Toward Independence.

Toward Independence began in 1975 by a group of parents who wanted more for their children with developmental disabilities. Today, they serve over 200 people across Hamilton, Greene, Montgomery, Miami, and Darke Counties. That is thanks to a very devoted staff of over 400 people! Some of their services include assisting in residential needs, aiding in learning a new skill or task, and providing transportation.

We are proud to partner with an organization that makes such an influence in people’s lives and in the community. Our staff at Huntington has witnessed the impact that Toward Independence makes and we can say, with certainty, that they are changing lives. Toward Independence has partnered with us because they are now hiring! If you wish to join their team head over to their website here. 

“We chose Huntington OD due to their price and available locations. We have had a great relationship with Huntington from the ease of first contact and the continued follow up since our billboard has been in place.” -Stephen Burnell, Staffing & Retention Specialist.

Why did they choose billboards? Because billboard advertising gave them a “visual presence in the local area.”

You can find their brand new billboard at the prime location just south of the intersection of US 36 and US 127, east of Greenville. Their billboard is visible oncoming southbound traffic. We have enjoyed the opportunity to partner with Toward Independence and look forward to carrying that on into the future.


We are growing fast here at Huntington, building new locations and expanding our customer base. Come back next week to read about another new client. If you are a new client and wish to be featured on our nationally ranked website, reach us by email at

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