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Sources: [1]: Salsify Cracking the Code 2017 [2]: Episerver Reimagining Commerce Report 2016

We took a break from our series last we to write about our Hometown Heroes. This week were back to tell you all about business websites. One of the best forms of useful content creation is your website. Your website is so important in an age where everything seems to be going digital. Our goal for this blog is to encourage you to value your own website for what it’s worth. Please consider the statistics above.

This week: Locations Page

Product Page

The locations page has proven to be one of our best resources for our clients and ourselves as well! You can type in any location- city, state, county, address, board number, or coordinate location- and all optional boards will appear on the map and descriptions of each below. Links to further details of each board will also appear including: pictures, videos, design specs, sizes and more. We use this page every time a client is interested in a certain board or a certain area for a board.

Now, we realize not every business has a need for a locations page, however, you could consider this our product or service page. Billboards are our product. HVAC may be your product, or clothing, or trucking. Whatever your product or service may be, it is highly important to include product information on your website. It is a form of marketing and content creation. Consider this statistic from the graphic above: “50% of shoppers have returned an item they bought online because it didn’t match the product description.” [1] You could be losing out on 50% profit because of an outdated webpage! Not to mention, the possibility of losing customer loyalty to any one of those customers.

As we mentioned, this is the most useful part of our website. Please don’t miss out on something so beneficial! Come back next week for our final portion on websites!