Growth and Optimism: Small Town Businesses are Growing

At Huntington Outdoor summertime means long warm days and dryer conditions that are perfect for building new billboards! We are in the middle of adding new locations in our current markets and expanding into new markets to serve you better. We are building everywhere from the Dayton area up to Toledo over to Sandusky and Hocking Hills. The building and sales team are running the wheels off their vehicles.

Newsletter Update

You know, it’s interesting, I started this company during the recession in 2010. Things were tough and the mood of the communities we were growing in were dark. Businesses didn’t want to advertise, people didn’t want to buy anything, nobody was growing. Things were just so painful, but it’s different now. Since the beginning of this year I have put an average of 8,000 miles a month on my car. I’ve been able to really dig into all the different communities we are serving and are planning on serving. I can tell you people are excited. They’re growing and building and creating. From business owner, Chris, up north who is opening a winery so he can help his family diversify the family dairy business, to businesses looking for new employees, things are really cooking all across Ohio.

Nearly all the communities we serve are just like ours, beautifully small. Everyone knows their neighbors and cares about each other. What one business does makes an enormous impact on the entire community. One extra job can mean the difference in the community adding or subtracting a leading family. That’s why the growth and optimism are so exciting. Thanks to the business owners in these area’s I’m seeing communities for the first time in years start to grow again. It’s beautiful and hopefully bodes well for the future of our small towns.

At Huntington we’re blessed to be able to follow the trend adding several positions this year and welcoming three interns for the summer. We’re excited for the future and are thankful for all of you, our clients, who make it possible.

– Justin Powell

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Newsletter Update

We’ve recently added several new locations in Miami and Fulton Counties:

Check out all of our locations on our Locations Page.

Our Team is Growing!

Spencer Thomas

Meet Spencer

Spencer Thomas joined our team in May of this year as a Billboard Sales Representative. He is a recent graduate from Indiana Wesleyan University with a B.A. in Marketing. For more info on Spencer, visit his bio page on our website.





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