Business to Consumer Marketing

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B2C Marketing

Welcome to the blog! This week is all about business to consumer (B2C) marketing. Different from business to business (B2B), B2C is reaching a product to the final consumer. Huntington Outdoor is considered a B2B company, however, Nearly 100% of our clients are B2C. It’s our job to work with other businesses, but our goal is for those businesses to reach consumers through billboards!

B2B is usually on a larger scale of products and services. B2C typically sells smaller products and services and thus, must account for a higher number of sales. So, while they typically sell small goods and services, they must appeal to a larger crowd.

Business to Consumer Marketing

Consider this:

“42% of B2C customers purchased more after a good customer service encounter (Zendesk Dimensional Research).” People in B2C must create a higher emotional appeal to their good or service to be considered out of the masses. This is why brand recognition, as well as content and image marketing is so important. In fact, B2C shoppers, “are loyal to brands and corporations, hence image- and repetition-driven image marketing (Riverbend Marketing).” These people need to be able to recognize your brand during their regular day lives, in order for them to remember you when shopping and buying is necessary.

This is where billboards come into play. Front-of-mind awareness. When buyers have a broken auto part or are in need of a new clothing item, they immediately think of you before anyone else. Why? Because they see your billboard in everyday life. This may be when they’re not thinking about buying, but your ad reminds them for when they are ready.

Huntington Outdoor is primarily a B2B provider helping B2C businesses reach their market. We strive to provide the best service for all your billboard needs. If you are looking to bring people front-of-mind awareness to your brand, we are one click or phone call away!

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