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Science or Art?

When thinking about billboard advertising it’s good to ask yourself two questions. What audience for my business do I want to target? What message do I want to portray to that audience? These two small questions make a big difference on the design for your business and the location you choose to advertise. So many […]

Working Together

From the desk of CEO, Justin Powell There was a time when I personally knew every single person who chose to advertise with Huntington Outdoor. A year ago, that changed. Why? We hired a VP of sales, Jena Powell. Many of you have met her and work with her, but Jena also happens to be […]


Design to Installation

Ever wonder what a billboard design looks like before it gets installed? Above you will see a design that has been used for two years for this client. Creating a lot of attention and increasing business. “For over 10 years Castle’s Yard Barn Sales has delivered quality buildings and quality service to our customers in […]

Spring, Summer, and Fall Marketing Tips

Spring is just around the corner and you’re frantically setting up meetings, trying to figure out the most effective way to spend your advertising dollars. In the last couple years so much has changed in advertising, and you’re trying to stay up with the times! Where should you really put your advertising efforts? TV, Radio, […]

Billboard Insider Interviews Justin Powell, Huntington Outdoor

Want to know a little bit more about how we started in billboard advertising? Billboard Insider interviewed Justin Powell, owner of Huntington Outdoor and asked so many great questions! We are excited to share it with you. Originally published on Billboard Insider December 31, 2015 Justin Powell is an impressive young man in a hurry.  How […]

Just Keep Digging

The snow is falling and the sun is setting, but we’re still digging! Big news from all of us at Huntington Outdoor coming soon! Stay tuned in the coming months for video updates to get a small look inside the life of all of us at Huntington Outdoor Advertising. In the meantime head over to Huntington Outdoor Advertising on […]

Is spring really coming?

Okay. I realize that I’m about to talk about spring advertising, but you’re cold. You’re so chilly that you’re probably worried about frostbite as you run from your office to your car. I also realize (100%) that you can’t even imagine it being warm again, because at this point do we even remember what warmth […]


It Starts With A Goal

Happy New Year! We are excited to hear the progress so many of you are making on your goals! When we set goals, so often we aim for perfection. I read a small clip from Neil Gaiman that I want to share with you, to help you think outside the box, and embrace progress instead […]


Count Your Blessings

Sometimes in the busyness of the holiday season, we forget to just take the time to enjoy it, and to reflect on the blessings of the previous year. Here at Huntington Outdoor, we have so much to be thankful for! I wanted to take just a moment to share with you, our much-appreciated clients. Many […]