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Acts of Kindness are Never Wasted – Winter Newsletter

At the end of each year we sit down to chat about business, both the highs and the lows, and to look to the coming year. We are so grateful for your business and support as we work to bring you the best in outdoor advertising. One of the highlights of the past year has […]

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Year In Review

Twenty-sixteen has been a great year full of building, learning, and serving great local businesses! Here at Huntington Outdoor we have had the amazing opportunity of working with so many of you. We have been able to come alongside you and help with outdoor advertising. When I think about an entire year being over, and a […]


Hometown Art Contest Finalist

One of the exciting and fun projects we worked on this fall was the “My Hometown Art Contest.” We believe in developing a creative mind at a young age, and this was the perfect way to get children started.  Henri Matisse said, “Creativity takes courage.” At Huntington we believe that art and creativity push young […]

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My Hometown Art Contest

Here at Huntington we believe in creativity. We believe that creativity is crucial in the developing minds of young students. We are excited to be hosting a hometown art contest in Xenia, Ohio! All the details can be found at http://huntgintonoutdoor.com/contest, we are excited to combine our love of small business, innovation, and creativity for the students of Greene County! The […]

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Our family business serving your family business

Growing up Justin and I were in 4-H, we learned a great amount of life principles, but one key principle will always stick with me. At the beginning of each meeting we stood up and said the Pledge of allegiance and the 4-H pledge/motto. Part of the 4-H pledge continually comes to mind in my […]


Where It All Began

  Justin proudly posing with our first billboard They say that every company has a story that defines it. A touchstone that the founder and company look back on and say, “That’s who we are.” Huntington Outdoor is no exception. The company mirrors the values and character of its founder and the small Midwestern town […]


“What Will My Design Look Like On A Billboard?”

We start with an idea and end with a design. The Andersons work with farmers in Darke County and the fall is a very busy season for them due to harvest season. This seasonal billboard is perfect for farmers to look at while driving down State Route 571, located on the West side of West Milton. Three topping pizza for […]

To Give Or Not To Give?

“If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up not doing nothing for nobody.” -Malcom Bane You own a business, you know you want to give back to the community, but you aren’t sure where to start. I completely understand the feeling. When we first started giving back […]

Is Summer Really Over?

Wow, summer is coming to an end and we have had a full season of land leasing, sales, marketing, and building new billboards! We have had the opportunity to build new boards in Troy, Xenia, and New Weston. In the month of August, we also expanded to two new counties: Mercer and Shelby counties. Construction […]


Two Simple Principles

“Jena, I would like a billboard for my business but I’m not sure where to start.” This sentence is a common occurrence among many of the business owners I speak with. Thankfully, we combine Bill Gates motto and real estate agents mantra to create the top two things you need to think through as a business […]